Fiber Optic Cabling Technoloiges ;

TELECOM ANATOLIA  supporting today’s advancing telecommunication  and multimedia oriented society.It is  using  a strategy going beyond the customer expectations ,unifiying this strategy with its advanced know-how ability and focusing on optical communication systems for cost effective and faster communication solutions for the current and future  needs.

Scope of Business  :

  1. Fiber Optic cable and accessories design ,development and supply(Submarine, Underground ,Aerial Fiber Optic cables)
  2. Fiber Optic cable domestic and overseas installation for Submarine, Underground, Aerial F/O cables including route surveys
  3. Engineering services for Smart Homes (Building In-House Fiber Optic Cable infrastructure FTTH
  4. Copper Telecom cable design ,development and supply (Underground, Aerial applications)
  5. Micro Ducts supply
  6. OPGW cables and accessories
  7. Data Cables –Cat 5 -6 -7

Our products encompass end to end FO cabling systems such as:

Campus and In-Building Backbone Systems

Fiber To The Desk and Fiber To The Home (FTTX-FTTH)

Custom Designed ,Specialized Products and Applications.

Since the Telecom Anatolia has been  in the business ,it continues to develop its products and services to be more adaptable to customer expectations for effective and efficient solutions .

With outstanding performance in design ,supply , technical assitance, logistic, partnership and value added services, we are experienced and confident in creating the most affordable network solutions  that meet and exceed customer expectaitions.

Telecom Anatolia Products meet and exceed all applicable  TIA /EIA /ISO /IEC and  IEEE standards