(A)2X(F)KL2Y up to 550 kV

Single-core cable with smooth aluminium sheath as per Standard: IEC 60840 & 62067 – DIN VDE 0276-632 & -2067

Technical Specifications

1. Conductor (Al or Cu)
2. Inner semi-conducting layer
3. XLPE insulation
4. Outer semi-conducting layer
5. Swellable tape
6. Aluminium sheath
7. PE Over Sheath


The cables are suitable for installation indoors, outdoors, in the ground and in water.
They may be laid direct in the ground, in ducts or in cable troughs.

Energy: Support offshore renewable energy projects.
Oil&Gas: Serve the needs of the offshore oil and gas industry.

Conductor :Circular, stranded and compacted (Al or Cu), or solid (Al)
Aluminium Sheath : Welded construction, for high short-circuit currents.
Outer Sheath : Welded construction, for high short-circuit currents