Extruded DC up to 525 kV

Single-core submarine cable with lead sheathas per Standard: Standard: Cigré TB 496, TB 623

Our high voltage direct current (HVDC) offshore cable systems enable efficient long-distance transmission at high power levels, interconnecting regions and countries and electrified oil and gas platforms. This technology also allows a secure and stabilising connection to existing electricity grids. .

Technical Specifications

1. Conductor (Al or Cu)
2. Inner semi-conducting layer
3. DC-XLPE insulation
4. Outer semi-conducting layer
5. Swellable tape
6. Lead sheath
7. PE Inner Sheath
8. Bedding (PP)
9. Armouring
10. Outer sheath (PP)


The cables are suitable for installation  in water. Telecommunicaiton : Connect regions and facilitate high-speed data transfer.
Energy : Support offshore renewable energy projects.
Scientific  Research : Enable data transmission for oceanographic and environmental monitoring.
Oil&Gas : Serve the needs of the offshore oil and gas industry.
Conductor: Solid, compacted or keystone
Lead Sheath: Provides Radial water barrier .
Armouring: Capable of high tensile forces, adjusted to project specific requirements, available with steel wires.
Single or double wire layers for larger depth, or protection