S2XS2Y up to 245 kV

Emergency cable as per Standard: IEC 60840 & 62067 – DIN VDE 0276-632 & -2067

Technical Specifications

1. Conductor (Cu)
2. Inner semi-conducting layer
3. XLPE insulation
4. Outer semi-conducting layer
5. Copper Wire Screen
6. Seperating Tape
7. PE Over Sheath


The cables are equipped with outdoor terminations at the factory.
They are used in temporary connections during construction works at overhead lines or in switchyards..

Energy : Support offshore renewable energy projects.
Oil&Gas : Serve the needs of the offshore oil and gas industry.


Circular, stranded and compacted, copper preferred due to better mechancial properties and higher transmission capacityLead Sheath :Provides Radial water barrier.
Oversheath Conductive coating optional
Termination Flexible outdoor type, pre-installed in the factory
Supply On special steel drums