MI DC up to 525 kV DC

Mass impregnated submarine cable as per Standard: Cigré Electra no. 189

Welcome to Anatolia Submarine Cable Catalog, where you can explore a range of cutting-edge submarine cables designed for seamless global connectivity. Each cable in our catalog is engineered to meet the demands of diverse applications and environments.

Technical Specifications

1. Conductor (Al or Cu)
2. Conducter screen
3. Mass impregnated kraft paper insulation
4. Insulation screen
5. Metal paper laminating
6. Lead sheath
7. PE Inner Sheath
8. Reinforcement
9. Bedding (PP)
10. Armouring
11. Outer sheath (PP)


The cables are suitable for submarine or underground installations.
Telecommunicaiton : Connect regions and facilitate high-speed data transfer.
Energy : Support offshore renewable energy projects.
Scientific  Research : Enable data transmission for oceanographic and environmental monitoring.
Oil&Gas : Serve the needs of the offshore oil and gas industry.


Conductor: Circular, stranded and compacted (Al or Cu), or solid (Al)
Lead Sheath: Provides Radial water barrier .
Fiber optic cable: Integrated fibre optic cable for communication and temperature monitoring
Armouring: Capable of high tensile forces, adjusted to project specific requirements,
available with single or double wire layers